You are from Säffle, how was it growing up there?

Säffle is a small city with 1O OOO people so it’s like you know everyone in Säffle, or everyone in your age at least. I liked growing up there, I could go everywhere by myself on the bike. But I also felt that I had to move away, because you can not be someone in Säffle. That’s why I moved to Karlstad when I was 15. The two last years I started to feel that I want to move back, that I’m proud of being from there.

This winter you spent some months in india, What did you do there and how did it affect your relationship to climate change?

I got there during an internship with Sida. There is an organization called Kudumbam in south India working with sustainable agriculture and climate change adaption. It had not been raining there for like five years and people were really suffering. They keep on working because they have hope. But there is no hope for living in places like this, it will not start to rain again and all these people might have to move somewhere else in India.

I don’t know what good the knowledge I gained there will do for the world. I’m not even sure it was the right thing to do. I went by airplane to India… maybe it’s better to stay in Sweden growing my own food. I’m not sure what’s best, but I did this and with my knowledge I want to try to do as much as I can. For example doing things like this, going to Ende Gelände. I have to think that there is some kind of hope to stop global warming. That you can change things together with other people.
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