Hear the thoughts by people affected by the action

Patrick Meier, worker at the coal company RWE

  • Age 41 years
  • Title Council chairman for the section of refinement
  • Also Member of the labour union IGBCE
  • Place Rhineland, Germany

Robert Hintereker, policeman

  • Title Contact policeman
  • Perspective Responsible for dialogue with the activists in the coal mine area
  • Place Aachen, Rhineland, Germany

Lilith and Sasha, Hambach forest activists

  • Place The Hambach virgin forest, Rhineland, Germany
  • Perspective Occupying the forest to protect it from being eaten by the expanding coal mine

Norbert Winzen, villager of Keyenberg

  • Age 52 years
  • Place Keyenberg, Rhineland, Germany
  • Perspective The family farm will be evacuated to give space to the coal mine